Tenders for Internet Leased Line 200 MBPS

GEM BID – ITEM CATEGORY: Internet Bandwidth and Replication Service – Internet Leased Line; Goverment Service provider, Private Service provider; Class A; National long Distance (NLD); 200

SAU invites tenders via Government e-Marketplace (GeM) from reputed Indian Firms/Agencies/Govt. Licensed firms for Internet Connectivity Leased Line (OFC) (1:1) uncompressed & unshared with last mile on fiber.


REF: Tender No ICT/RFP/0706202201 issued on GeM (Bid No: GEM/2022/B/2258158) FOR INTERNET LEASED LINE AT SOUTH ASIAN UNIVERSITY (MaidanGarhi, New Delhi 110 068)

The above invitation for tenders was issued on GeM and also published on the SAU website. All prospective bidders may please note that they should:

  1. insert total price for one year in the financial bid, and
  2. also upload a PDF file containing the price breakup into one-time cost and recurring cost.

Last date for bid submissions stands extended to 4 July 2022 by 3PM.

This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.